Tuneify.io is a Music Promotion Company offering YouTube Music Video Promotion, Radio Promotion and Music Blog Promotion services. Optimized Digital Advertising across platforms using special algorithms to Promote Your Music and gain real views and new fans.

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Tuneify Music Promotion – FAQ’s


How many Music Blogs do you offer ?

Tuneify offers music blog placement on 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 Popular Music Blogs. Just choose the amount you want from our shop when ordering.

Is Your Music Blog Coverage Guaranteed ?

Yes. 100% Guaranteed or your money back.

What is included in the Music Blog Posts ?

Different attention-grabbing headlines per music blog, Artist/Release info/article + all your links and embedded streaming player or music video. Share your articles on social media to spread your official music news and new release/artist news.

How long does it take ?

Delivery of Music Blogs is within 3 days at maximum direct to your email.

Can I use my own press release/review/feature/interview ?

Yes if you have any specific instructions or content you want published, just let us know by email to info@tuneify.io when you deliver your requirements.

Can a guest writer use the service and get a ‘guest post’ or ‘Guest review’ published ?

Yes. Absolutely. Just provide us with instructions by email to info@tuneify.io after ordering.


What type of stations do you offer ?

Our Radio network consists of Digital New Music Radio stations across UK, Europe, USA and Africa.

How long will my song be played ?

Your song will be played on the daily playlists and at a set daily time per day for a month at minimum.

Do you pay royalties for airplay achieved by your service ?

No. We just do promotion to the stations/Head of Music for airplay and announcement of your release on the Radio sites for promotional purposes only.

How will I know if/when/where my song is being played ?

In delivery you will get links to the Radio websites who will post/announce your release with playlist news and a set time it’s on daily for a month. You can share these articles to show off/promote your Radio success on social media.

Are these FM Radio stations ?

No. We just concentrate on digital/online Radio stations with a loyal audience that are eager to play and hear new music releases.

How Many Listeners do the stations have ?

Our network has already broadcast to over 1 Million+ listeners from 142 countries and rising.

Can I get my song approved for airplay upfront ?

Yes Absolutely. Simply send us a streaming link to your song via email to info@tuneify.io for approval upfront.


Why do your video promotions start at $75 ?

Tuneify utilizes a special algorithm and direct advertising across platforms to target and attract real fans and achieve real views of your video. Our Starter Video Promotion Package at a budget of $75 guarantees that your video gets out to enough people to kickstart your video promotion and return solid real time results. We don’t use bots or fake accounts, so it costs to achieve real results with channel integrity.

Do you use Bots or fake profiles ?

Never. Using cheap video promotion companies who use Bots and fake profiles at a low price is very dangerous to your channel integrity. We utilize a special algorithm and direct advertising across platforms to target and attract potential real fans, resulting in real views of your video.

How do I know if people are watching my video ?

Our campaigns kick off within 24 hours of your order. You will start seeing real time results in your YouTube Video Analytics shortly after your video promotion campaign launch.

How long will it take to reach my view target after ordering ?

Our campaigns start within 24 hours of ordering and on average can take between 7 to 10 days to reach your view targets.

What is a view target ?

Our video promotion Packages come with a range of views to expect. For example, our starter package offers 3000-4000 views. The view target is the top amount of views so 4000 in this example.

Why do you offer a range of video views and not an exact amount ?

We are doing real YouTube Video Promotion utilizing a special algorithm and direct advertising across platforms to target and attract real life fans and encourage real views of your videos. These are real people watching and choosing to watch your video, and so it’s hard to predict an exact number of views. So, all of our packages have a view range to expect from your campaign. eg: Starter package 4000-5000 views.

Will my video views ever be lower than the starting view range ?

No. The reason we use a view range is to give an estimate of how many real views you will achieve in line with your package level and budget, but the number of views will always be within the target view range, never lower. eg: This applies to all packages at different levels and is stated on each package.

Will my video views ever be higher than the target view amount ?

Yes this happens regularly as these are real people watching and if they liked your video they may watch again and so on occasions your video view target will be exceeded.

If my video target is exceeded, will you charge me extra ?


Will I gain subscribers ?

We are promoting your video to real people who choose to click on and view your video. If they like your video enough after watching, they may subscribe to your channel. This is typical with all of our campaigns. We can’t however guarantee any specific amount of subscribers, but your view range target is always guaranteed.

What if my view target is not reached ?

We have never had any issue like this, but if it does happen, we will simply keep promoting until it is reached. We guarantee your view range.

Who runs Tuneify ?

Tuneify is a trademark of Discover Media Digital an Independent music publishing company with a portfolio of 26 Music Blog brands and 10 digital Radio stations.

How do I order ?

You can Order all of our services in our shop.