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Maximize Your Music’s Reach with Our Comprehensive Radio Promotion Package

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Introducing our comprehensive Radio promotion package covering the UK, Europe, USA, and Africa. This incredible opportunity offers direct delivery of your music release to the Head of Music (HOM) at 10 renowned global radio stations. Through this package, you can expect valuable feedback and potential airplay. We will actively promote your music to all ten stations, striving for radio airplay on their daily playlists and new music powerplays.

Rest assured, we are committed to providing you with a detailed response and reaction to your music from the Head of Music at each station, accompanied by valuable feedback. If your music submission is successful, you will secure a coveted spot on the daily playlists and potentially be featured as a daily powerplay on all 10 stations. Moreover, these stations will share the playlist news and information on their respective Radio websites and social media platforms.

Our Radio station lineup features esteemed broadcasters, including londonfm.digital, Europe 1 FM Digital, newyorkfm.digital, hollywoodfm.digital, Paris FM Digital, Discover 80’s New Music Drops, Rap Trap Radio, Premiere One Radio, American 21 Radio, and Bafana FM – The Digital Voice of Africa.

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