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Juliana Hale Soars Above the Rest with Enchanting New Single ‘Head in the Clouds’

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615 JJ Entertainment proudly announces the release of Juliana Hale’s enchanting new single, “Head in the Clouds.” The track is available on May 10th, and marks a departure from Hale’s previous work, offering listeners a glimpse into her softer, more introspective side.

Known for her powerhouse vocals and dynamic performances, Juliana Hale’s newest single transcends traditional pop with its raw authenticity and vulnerability. Hale wrote this song while experiencing a moment of isolation ¬– from the viewpoint of looking at your own life from the outside, through constructed glass walls. “Head in the Clouds” dives deep into the emotional landscape of mental illness, articulating the isolation that depression and anxiety can bring. Inspiration for this song came to Hale during a moment of reflection while gazing out of the window of an airplane. She looked down on the world below, realizing that she had been living her life in the clouds, floating above the harsh realities of life.

About this single, Hale remarks, “I was observing the world around me without the confidence or energy to actually partake and put myself out there, feeling as though people did not want me around.” Grammy award-winning producer Earl Cohen brought Hale’s vision to life, creating a soundscape that perfectly mirrors the message of the song. The mimics a light and airy feel with a twinge of sadness and escapism, eventually building into a triumphant peak.

“Head in the Clouds” finds it place alongside vulnerable and honest pop music legends such as Taylor Swift, Gracie Abrams, Tate McRae, and Lauren Spencer Smith. Like these icons, Hale writes lyrics that fearlessly bare her innermost thoughts and feelings, such as “I’m on the inside looking out / Found comfort in this glasshouse / I don’t think people want me around.” “Head in the Clouds” is poised to solidify Hale’s position as a rising star in the industry and to make a lasting impact on listeners.

Juliana Hale is an indie-pop singer-songwriter with an evocative voice, sound that transcends genres, and ability to bring stories to life in vivid detail. She’s a true Renaissance artist, combining her multi-instrumental and vocal abilities with a love of visual arts to create an unforgettable, immersive experience. Hale transparently connects with her fans in a unique way, building a deeply engaged base of supporters by sharing her chronic health struggles and creating a positive community. Juliana has opened for Snoop Dogg, reached over 2 million streams and views on both Spotify and YouTube, charted at #32 on iTunes with her women empowerment anthem “Not For You,” and stars in an independent filed titled Hope and a Future. With a steady stream of content expected for 2024, Juliana is well on her way to becoming a fixture in modern music.

Find out more about Juliana Hale at julianahale.com. Stay in touch with her on Instagram and YouTube @JulianaHale and on TikTok and X @thejulianahale