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‘Intelligent Diva’ is Slated to Sore Higher in Success with Her New Hit Single ‘Fly Together’.

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‘Intelligent Diva’ is Slated to Sore Higher in Success with Her New Hit Single ‘Fly Together’.

Intelligent Diva is making her presence known in 2023 with her upcoming hits and she’s definitely stepping her game up. On 02/24/23, she will be releasing her new hit single Fly Together which features Sean Kingston. The music artist tells us has teamed up with N Geezy Beats as the producer and Sean Kingston is featured on the hook adding the island flavor.

The harmonies which she adds to the hook with Sean Kingston adds a nice touch on the track.  Next then she hits us with her those catchy lyrics.  Even the beat is catchy. The single is about finding someone who is very special and as a couple you both can grow together.   In order to showcase the meaning of the song, the music artist is also releasing multiple music visuals.  There will be an animated lyric video, a non- animated lyric video, and a music video which showcases couples expressing their love.

The music artist Intelligent Diva, niches involve music and technology so she also showcases her 3d animated character with bit branding of her two record labels Intelligent Diva Music and Diva Underground Records. The music artist is in the process of building her music metaverse, it will include video games and a 3d animated musical series where Intelligent Diva has a love interest. The musical series will include original songs created by Intelligent Diva.

Intelligent Diva, has a focus on her music being placed for synch and video games as well as other content, which she has created and other people who would like to download her music. She’s also heard as the voice actress in her music.  The music artist is definitely reaching her goals and she has more to come. We are super excited about her success and we can definitely see her growth. The billboard artist Intelligent Diva, has also teamed up with Sean Kingston again with her next music release which is called “Fly Together.


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