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‘Fredrik Ekblad’ Drops Catchy Latin Vibes with Hot New Single ‘Gimme’ from Upcoming EP

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Gimme, a danceable and truly contagious song is the first single from Swedish artist Fredrik Ekblad’s forthcoming EP Ekblad, released on the legendary Tambourine Studios label Sousafon.

The song has a latin vibe inspired by the salty and sunny surroundings in the archipelago of Gothenburg, Sweden, where Fredrik resides. The song’s theme is quite straightforward, he says: “It’s about that crazy, almost delusional feeling when you can’t have enough of something and you’re struggling to keep sane.

Born in the south of Sweden Fredrik Ekblad has been making music for the major part of his life. 2014 his critically acclaimed English debut record Confused Confessions was released on the legendary Tambourine Studios label Sousafon, where several big international selling acts have recorded. Since a couple of years, Fredrik resides in the archipelago of Gothenburg, in the western part of Sweden.

Here he writes and records his music in his own recording studio located on the island of Öckerö. Lots of atmosphere from the salty, sunny and windy surroundings sips thru in his recordings. His ambition has always been to touch and to aim for the heart and soul of his listeners. Part from being a musician he is working as an MD and is a father of three.

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