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Combining the raw lyrical prowess of Hip-Hop Rap with electronic music. ‘When I lost Control’ from ‘The Eynstyns’ is on the New York FM Digital playlist.

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The head of music at newyorkfm.digital said that he loved the new single ‘When I lost Control’ from ‘The Eynstyns‘ who hail from Connecticut USA. Combining the raw lyrical prowess of Hip-Hop Rap with the pulsating synthesizers and electronic textures of electronic music, this genre fusion creates an electrifying sound that captivates both old-school and modern music enthusiasts, and it’s great to dance to with it’s catchy hooks. The song is taken off their new album ‘Man or Machine’ out now.

We have placed it on the newyorkfm.digital playlist + you can also hear it as a special SUPERSPIN at approx 5 PM Eastern USA time for a month or more.

This track can also be heard on stations from London to Paris to South Africa.